Q-loud REST API Documentation

This document defines and describes the application programming interface (API). All of the functionality is exposed via the API, in fact, even the web-interface is a HTML5 application (“AJAX”) that solely relies on the API outlined in this document with no additional features. With this full-featured coverage, the API allows for almost unlimited possibilies to integrate its features into third-party systems, interfaces and products.

The API is completely based on HTTP and follows a REST architecture, using JSON to encapsulate and serialize object data where applicable. This approach enables rapid integration of the API because of a simple, well-understood architecture and information content that can easily be read by both human beings and machines.

Through the use of a “comet-like” functionality within the GET /api/event API call, the API also features “push-style” notifications that effectively enable “real-time” capabilities for automated data processing within the platform. A broad range of specific events enable the client to stay informed about events and data object generated by other users. These events are also specified in this document.